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Relatable Learning, Inc. is a new higher education learning and technology company that will offer adult learners, and the educators who guide them, a new way to refresh and acquire the skills they need to succeed in their career pursuits.

Based on a four-year research and development project, the company’s first product offering is JUICE Learning — a new set of technology and learning experience tools for making basic math and writing skills relatable to adult learners with real world needs and experiences.

The Relatable Learning team has extensive experience in higher education, including: learning technology; assessment; curriculum and product development; faculty training and support; and student outreach. We believe our work will help open up a new set of learning experience tools that will let faculty customize for their students with ease and will seamlessly help students make the connections of understanding that will propel their success.

For more information, contact us and stay tuned for news on our upcoming launch of new affordable and effective ways to learn.